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A security camera accessory refers to any additional component or device that can be used to enhance the performance, functionality, or usability of a security camera system. These accessories can be used to improve the quality of the footage, extend the range of the cameras, or to provide additional features to the system.

Security cameras can benefit from a
variety of camera accessories to enhance their functionality and improve their
effectiveness. Here are some common camera accessories that are often used with
security cameras:


Security cameras can benefit from a variety of camera accessories to enhance their functionality and improve their effectiveness. Here are some common camera accessories that are often used with security cameras:

  1. Mounts and brackets: Security cameras need to be mounted in the appropriate location for optimal surveillance coverage. Mounts and brackets allow for easy installation and adjustment of camera positioning.
  2. Power adapters: Security cameras require a power source to operate. Power adapters provide a reliable and stable power supply to keep the cameras running.
  3. Extension cables: Extension cables allow cameras to be installed in locations that are further away from the power source or recording device. They come in different lengths and can be used to connect cameras to power sources or to video recorders.
  4. Video recorders: Security cameras often require a video recorder to store and archive surveillance footage. Video recorders can come in various forms, such as network video recorders (NVRs) or digital video recorders (DVRs).
  5. PoE injectors: PoE (Power over Ethernet) injectors are used to power IP cameras over a network cable. They eliminate the need for separate power cables and can simplify the installation process.
  6. Infrared illuminators: Infrared illuminators provide additional lighting in low light or complete darkness, allowing cameras to capture clear footage even in difficult lighting conditions.
  7. Weatherproof housings: Outdoor security cameras need to be protected from the elements. Weatherproof housings can shield cameras from rain, snow, and other harsh weather conditions.
  8. Lens cleaners: Keeping camera lenses clean is essential for maintaining clear and sharp image quality. Lens cleaners can remove dirt, dust, and fingerprints from camera lenses to ensure optimal image quality.

Overall, these camera accessories can help ensure that security cameras are installed properly, powered reliably, and able to capture high-quality footage.

SKU: SBP-302CM-06

Key Features:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: White
Hanwha Vision SPG-VAN13W
Key Features
  • Aluminum Construction
  • TR20 Mount Screw Size
  • Conduit Hole Access

Key Features:

  • Material: Core- Aluminum, Cap- Plastic
  • Dimensions : ø147.1×50.5mm
  • Weight : 340g (0.75lb)
  • Color : White
  • Mount Screw Size: TR20- Camera, TR30- Steel Strap
Uniview TR-JB08 Junction Box

Key Features


  • Application: Junction box for the IPC3224SS-ADF28K-I1 Dual-Lens
  • Dimensions: 176mm x 107mm x 48mm (6.9” x 4.2” x 1.9”)
  • Weight: 0.24kg(0.53lb)
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
UNV TR-UC08-C Mounting Bracket

Key Features


  • Type: Mounting Bracket
  • Dimensions(L × W × H): 5.4” x 5.0”x 4.6” (137mmx127mmx116mm)
  • Weight:  0.93lb (0.42kg)
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Color: White

Key Features

  • • Material: Stainless Steel (SUS316L)
    • Color: Silver
    • Mount screw size: TR30
    • Dimensions: Length : 600mm (23.6″), Width : 12.6mm (0.5″), Thickness : 0.62mm (0.02″)



What are the accessories need for CCTV?

There are several accessories that are commonly used with CCTV (closed-circuit television) systems. These accessories can be used to improve the functionality, usability, and performance of the CCTV system. Some of the most common CCTV accessories include:

  1. Power Supplies: CCTV cameras require a power source to operate, and power supplies are used to provide this power. Power supplies can be either AC or DC, and they come in different voltages and amperages to match the specific requirements of the cameras.

  2. Cables: Cables are used to connect the cameras to the power supply, as well as to transmit video signals and data between the cameras and the recording device. The most common types of cables used with CCTV systems are coaxial cables and Cat5e/Cat6 Ethernet cables.

  3. DVR/NVR: A DVR (digital video recorder) or NVR (network video recorder) is used to record and store footage captured by the CCTV cameras. The DVR/NVR can also be used to manage the cameras and adjust their settings.

  4. Mounting Brackets: Mounting brackets are used to securely attach the cameras to walls, ceilings, or other surfaces. There are different types of mounting brackets available, including wall brackets, ceiling brackets, and pole mounts.

  5. Lens Adapters: Lens adapters can be used to modify the lens of the CCTV cameras to achieve a different field of view or zoom level. This can be useful for adjusting the camera’s view to match the specific requirements of the surveillance area.

  6. Infrared Illuminators: Infrared illuminators are used to provide additional lighting for cameras in low-light or night-time environments. This can help improve the quality of the footage captured by the cameras.

  7. Monitors: Monitors are used to display the live video feed from the CCTV cameras. They can be either dedicated CCTV monitors or regular computer monitors.

These are just a few examples of the accessories that are commonly used with CCTV systems. The specific accessories required will depend on the specific requirements of the CCTV system and the surveillance environment.