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Pelco is a known company in the industry of safety and surveillance. Since its establishment in 1957, Pelco has been at the forefront as a major supplier of video surveillance and security solutions. The company majors on creating and manufacturing various types of security cameras, video management systems and related products.
Pelco’s products are widely used in a number of sectors that include commercial, industrial, government and critical infrastructure. The firm is renowned for its dedication to advancement in imaging quality and provision of top grade technological developments within the security industry.

From conventional analogue cameras to new IP ones with high-resolution imaging; intelligent analysis tools as well as low light performance features their portfolio contains different kinds of surveillance cameras. On the other hand, their video management systems allow users to manage and analyze video data more effectively thus improving overall security and situational awareness.

With offices all over the world, Pelco has an extensive customer base which it serves by offering customized security solutions for various industries. It is constantly developing its range to meet emerging challenges in the field helping it become an authority name in video surveillance.