Akuvox 3378 Table Stand Bracket for the C315 Indoor Intercom Monitor Security Accessory

Brand: Akuvox




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Key Features

  • Type: Table Stand Bracket
  • Color: Black
  • Environment: Indoor

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Akuvox 3378 Table Stand Bracket for the C315 Indoor Intercom Monitor Security Accessory

The Akuvox 3378 Table Stand Bracket allows you to save valuable desk space by elevating your device.


Type: Table Stand
Color: black
Material: Steel
Weight: 0.18Kg
Akuvox 3378 Table Stand


In today’s fast-paced world effective communication is the cornerstone of success both in personal and professional spheres. Akuvox’s Table Stand Bracket is an innovative device. The Akuvox  is not just another piece of hardware it’s a game-changer in the realm of communication devices. This table mount is design to position the C315 and C313 interior consoles of Akuvox on a horizontal surface such as a desk or table. It is made of brush steel and has a rubber foot. It is an elegant and practical solution that allows you to arrange the screen Akuvox wherever you want. The desk stand is simply push into place at the back of the intercom unit being locate in place with lugs and remains securely in position. The bracket seamlessly integrates with your Akuvox communication device ensuring stability and ease of use. It is craft with precision to offer stability and flexibility making it an ideal choice for various scenarios.
Display your C315 indoor intercom monitor on any desk or table with this Akuvox table stand. It allows for height and angle adjustments ensuring that your device is at the perfect eye level reducing strain during prolonged conversations. Its modern and minimalistic design complements various interior styles enhancing the overall aesthetics of your environment. whether it’s in our homes or workplaces Communication devices such as IP phones and intercoms play a pivotal role in our daily lives, The 3378 Table Stand Bracket is a testament to Akuvox’s dedication to providing top notch solution.  The bracket features an adjustable design allowing you to customize the height and angle for the perfect viewing and operating experience.
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