Uniview TR-FM200-IN Indoor PTZ Dome In-Ceiling Mount Security Accessory


Brand: Uniview



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Key Features


  • Type: In-Ceiling Mount
  • Dimensions: 280mmX172mm(11″X6.8″)
  • In-ceiling hole: 230mm(9.05″)
  • Material: Sheet metal and ABS

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Uniview TR-FM200-IN Indoor Mount PTZ Dome In-Ceiling Security Accessory

Uniview TR-FM200-IN Indoor Mount for PTZ Dome Camera.

Key Features:

Indoor PTZ dome in-ceiling installation
Dimensions: 280mmX172mm(11″X6.8″)
In-ceiling hole: 230mm(9.05″)
Material: Sheet metal and ABS
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In the ever evolving world of security and surveillance systems finding the right equipment is important. One such innovation that has been making waves is the Uniview Indoor PTZ Dome In-Ceiling Mount. With crime rates on the rise, businesses, institutions and homeowners are seeking ways to protect their properties and love ones effectively. The TR-FM200-IN is a Ceiling Mount for PTZ Dome Cameras make video surveillance easier to use. It is made from Sheet metal and ABS is covered with Silver color. This Mount is to house or conceal camera connections when installing security cameras. There connections are more secure and protected against weather and vandalism. The Ceiling Mount Bracket is Weatherproof so you can use it for indoor. This compact position makes sure the camera remains secret and blends into the environment around it. Installing this mount is a hassle-free process. Its in-ceiling mount design simplifies installation and it comes with a comprehensive user manual. The in-ceiling mount of the TR-FM200-IN saves space and maintains the aesthetics of the room. In-Ceiling Mount is a game-changer in the world of indoor security. Invest in this advance technology to safeguard your property effectively.


The dimensions are tailor to fit the specific camera models it supports. Exact measurements can be found in the product manual or specifications sheet. Choose a location that offers a clear view of the area to be monitor.  Install at a height that maximizes coverage and minimizes the risk of tampering.  Ensure that the mount is securely anchor to a solid surface to prevent any movement or shaking.

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