Akuvox R20K-OWRC for the R20K Door Phone On-Wall Rain cover Security Accessory

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Key Features

  • Type: On-Wall Rain cover
  • Color: Silver
  • Compatible: Multi-button Door Phone
  • Material: Aluminum

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Akuvox R20K-OWRC for the R20K Door Phone On-Wall Rain cover Security Accessory

This is where the Akuvox R20K-OWRC Rain Cover steps in as the ideal accessory.

Key Features:

Type: Rain cover
Color: Silver
Suitable for : R20K Door Phone
Protection Code: IP65
Material: Aluminum

Akuvox R20K-OWRC Rain Cover


Intercom systems have become an integral part of modern security solutions When it comes to outdoor installations, such as a door phone system, protecting the equipment from harsh weather conditions is crucial.
Outdoor intercom systems are expose to all kinds of weather from heavy rain and snow to scorching heat. Without proper protection, these conditions can lead to damage affecting the functionality of your door phone.
if you don’t have much coverage over your installation site, this mount will add more protection and ensure your device remains in tip-top shape for years to come.
Its features that make it a standout choice for securing your door phone.
The R20K-OWRC installation is a simple procedure.
It includes an easy-to-read handbook that walks you through every stage of the process.
The installation will go smoothly even if you’re not a skilled do-it-yourselfer.
The rain cover has been construct from premium materials that are durable to all kinds of weather.
Long-lasting protection for your intercom system is ensure with its sturdy construction.
It just needs to be position between your R20K gadget and the wall for installation to be simple.
Since the holes are precisely drill to match the R20K’s back, you won’t need to manually fit this to your apparatus.
This Accessory needs routine maintenance to stay in excellent shape.
We will give you simple-to-follow instructions for cleaning and caring for your rain cover so that it continues to function properly for many years to come.
This accessory is a smart choice to ensure your door phone secure.

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