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Hanwha Vision SHD-3000F3 In-ceiling flush mount for Vandal Resistant Cameras Security Accessory

Brand: Hanwha Techwin



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Key Features:

  • Material: Poly-carbonate
  • Color: Ivory

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Hanwha Vision SHD-3000F3 Indoor ceiling tile flush mount Security Accessory


In-ceiling Housing

• Poly carbonate

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This low profile polycarbonate mounting solution in ivory. Compatible with the camera models below:

SNV-L6083R SNV-L5083R
SCV-5082 SCV-5083
SCV-5083R SCV-5085
SCV-6083R SCV-6023R
QNV-7080R QNV-6070R

What is a camera mount?
Camera mount is the mounting part on the lens side for fixing to the camera.
Each camera mount has a different size thread and flange back.

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