Uniview TR-JB04-D-IN Fixed Dome Camera Junction Box Security Accessory

Brand: Uniview




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Key Features


  • Application: Wall installation for 8MP fisheye
  • Dimensions: Φ149.2mm*40mm (5.87” x1.57”)
  • Weight: 0.31kg(0.68lb)
  • Material: Aluminum alloy

In stock

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 Uniview TR-JB04-D-IN Fixed Dome Camera Junction Box Security Accessory

Uniview TR-JB04-D-IN Junction Box stands out as a crucial component that often goes unnoticed.

Key Features:

Mount Type: Junction Box
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Color: White
Environment: Valid for interior
Dimensions: 149 mm (base diameter) x 40 (d)


The TR-JB04-D-IN is a wall or ceiling junction box design for Fixed Dome cameras IPC323X and 8MP fisheye series. This junction Box to house or conceal camera connections when installing security cameras. Its role in ensuring the proper functioning and longevity of your surveillance equipment cannot be underestimate. A junction box is an enclosure that organizes and protects electrical connections ensuring that they are reliable and secure. The junction box  made from aluminum alloy and is covered with white color. On one side there is one cable gland intend for power and data cables. Wires, connectors and other electrical parts can be found inside of it. The Uniview Junction Box is design to provide a robust and secure solution for mounting Uniview cameras. High quality materials are use in the creation of this junction box to ensure its durability and protection against severe weather. This junction box’s ability to endure varies weather condition is one of its most notable features. Whether it’s rain, snow or extreme heat, your surveillance equipment will remain safe and functional. To ensure the continued performance of your Uniview TR-JB04-D-IN Junction Box, regular maintenance is essential.



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