Uniview RM-1U-380 NVR Rackmount Brackets for NVR302 Series Recorders Security Accessory

Brand: Uniview




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Key Features


  • Weight:0.45kg (.10 lbs)
  • Material: Metal
  • Product Type: Racks
  • Spacing:1U

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Uniview RM-1U-380 NVR Rackmount Brackets for NVR302 Series Recorders Security Accessory


The Uniview RM-1U-380 NVR Rackmount Bracket emerge as a crucial component in enhancing video surveillance system.


Weight:0.45kg (.10 lbs.)
Material: Metal
Product Type: Racks


In today’s digital age security has become paramount and businesses are continually seeking innovative solutions to safeguard their assets. Network Video Recorder (NVR) Rackmount Brackets are mounting accessories designed to securely hold NVR devices within a rack or cabinet. NVRs are the brains of modern video surveillance systems responsible for recording and storing video footage from IP cameras. The RM-1U-380’s capability to work with a variety of Uniview NVRs makes it an important feature. These brackets serve a dual purpose they organize the installation of NVRs and optimize space utilization crucial in various surveillance applications. In this comprehensive guide we will delve into the world of RM-1U-380 NVR Rackmount Brackets exploring their significance, installation, and benefits. The RM-1U-380 Rack Bracket is a mounting bracket designed specifically for the Uniview NVR302 series network video recorders. It is design to provide a safe and robust mounting solution for your NVR and is made of high-quality steel. This bracket is easy to integrate into your current network infrastructure because it can be mounted onto a typical 19-inch rack. Additionally, it allows for easy access to the NVR’s front panel controls and connectors, making it a convenient solution for managing and maintaining your surveillance system.  Incorporating Uniview Rackmount Brackets into your surveillance system is a wise investment. These brackets not only enhance security but also optimize space and improve ventilation ensuring the longevity of your NVRs. The bracket comes in a black Colour with matching screws for mounting to the recorder.


NVR rackmount mounting brackets designed for NVR302 series recorders. Mounting hardware included.

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