Uniview TR-A01-IN Plastic Mount Waterproof Cable Joint Security Accessory

Brand: Uniview




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Key Features


  • Application: Indoor and outdoor
  • Dimensions: Ø37 × 46mm (Ø1.46” × 1.81”)
  • Weight: 0.023kg (0.05lb)
  • Material: Plastic

In stock

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 Uniview TR-A01-IN Plastic Waterproof Cable Joint Security Accessory

The Uniview TR-A01-IN Cable Joint Plastic & Waterproof emerges as a groundbreaking solution.

Key Features:

Materials :Plastic
Color: Ivory
Materials: Plastic Mount
Type: Waterproof Cable Joint Security Accessory
Application: Indoor and outdoor


In today’s rapidly advancing technological landscape ensuring reliable and uninterrupt connectivity is paramount.
Whether for security systems data networks or even home installations, the quality of cable connections plays a crucial role in maintaining seamless communication.
The robust cable connections even in challenging environments.
To comprehend the significance of Uniview TR-A01-IN, we must first grasp the fundamentals of cable joints.
Cable joints are essential components that enable the connection of two or more cables allowing the transmission of electrical signals, data or power.
Rain, humidity, dust, and temperature fluctuations can all adversely affect cable connections.
Traditional joints often struggle to maintain their integrity in such conditions, leading to signal loss, downtime, and costly repairs.
The Uniview Plastic Waterproof Cable Joint is a cutting edge solution design to overcome the challenges posed by outdoor installations.
It incorporate advance technology and materials to provide a reliable, waterproof and durable cable connection.
This cable joint is its waterproof design One of the standout features .
It is equipped with a robust sealing mechanism that ensures water and moisture do not penetrate the connection.
It is able to endure very high temperatures and is corrosion-resistant.
Its user friendly design allows for quick and hassle free assembly reducing installation time and costs.
This cable connection can be use for a variety of applications because it is adaptable and works with many different cable type.
Telecommunication networks often extend into outdoor environment.
This cable joint ensure that data transmission remains reliable even in expose locations.
Say goodbye to unreliable cable connections and embrace the future of seamless connectivity with Uniview.